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Baby’s Development
At week 15, many good things are happening inside your womb. Your baby is the size of an apple weighing 1.75 ounces and about 4 inches long. Your baby is beginning to grow a very fine hair called lanugo which covers his skin and helps regulate his temperature.
Though your baby cannot see yet, he is starting to sense light from the womb, and as the bones in his ear are hardening, he is now able to hear sounds, including your heartbeat, breathing, and speaking. You may consider placing a headphone on your belly occasionally and playing soft music just to keep the baby calm.
Your baby is becoming very active inside of you, and you may occasionally feel him kicking and getting hiccups. These movements will be felt more frequently and easily later in the pregnancy. At 15 weeks pregnant, your baby can make faces, suckle on his thumb, squint, and frown. Although your baby’s head still accounts for 1/3 of his body, he is now more proportionate as his arms and legs have grown longer this week. His taste buds are forming, and his tiny toenails and fingernails are growing longer every day.

You at 15 Weeks Pregnant
You might be noticing the appearance of a dark line running down your bump, this line is called 'linea nigra, ' and it’s common for women during pregnancy. You don’t have to worry about it as it will fade after your baby is born.  If you are experiencing heartburns, gas or indigestion, blame it on the hormones. Observe the foods that trigger your symptoms and try to avoid them.  Talk to your doctor about what remedies are safe for you and get a lot of antacids which are doubly awesome as they help reduce gas and have lots of much-needed calcium.
symptoms of 15 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 15 Tips and To-Do’s
Practice Good Pregnancy Posture
Now that your belly is not sticking out of your dress and you have not gained too much weight, this is a perfect time to practice how to walk, stand, sit, and sleep with a better posture.  If you practice now, it will be much easier later in the pregnancy, when you have to walk and sleep in certain ways just to relieve pain.
Talk To Your Baby
Although you can't have a face-to-face chat with your baby just yet, communicating with your unborn baby is a great way to start a mother and child bonding process. If you feel weird about having an actual conversation, you can narrate your daily activities, read a novel out loud, or share your aspirations and wishes with your child. This is a great practice for after your baby's born, and talking to babies is one of the best ways to help develop their language skills.
Feel Free To Indulge
Not only is the second trimester considered as the "feel good" trimester, but it is also known as the sexiest! Some women experience an increased libido due to a hormonal change and increase in blood flow. These changes help rev up arousal and improve orgasms. So unless your doctor has advised you otherwise, go ahead and indulge because it’s the best time to do it, and it’s perfectly safe for your baby.
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